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Title Company Executives Reviewing ValueCheck Automated Property Valuations At ValueCheck, we've been in the business of providing lender services for over 15 years. From property profiles to automated valuations and more, we provide the services you need.

A Full Range of Lender Services...

  • Property Profiles
  • Automated Valuations
  • Market Studies
  • Farm Packages
  • Flood Hazard Determinations
  • Property Condition Reports
  • Title History

These services are described in detail below.

Property Profiles

The secret to accurately predicting real estate values is clean, reliable, standardized data. Having timely and accurate property characteristics and comparable sales are the mainstays of ValueCheck.

Automated Valuations

Our methodology for accurately valuing residential properties, has withstood the test of time. Good market conditions or bad, our time-tested statistical models have provided objective valuations that have passed rigorous regulatory audits.

Market Studies

Using advanced statistical analysis, ValueCheck provides a wide range of real estate market studies, from analyzing individual property valuation trends to analyses of entire metropolitan areas.

Farm Packages

ValueCheck's Farm Package capability is designed to be easy-to-use with access to all address and property characteristics, so you can fine-tune the search results. Additionally, we can create farm package output in any number of flexible formats.

Flood Hazard Determinations

ValueCheck has partnered with ServiceLink National Flood to provide Flood Zone Determination Reports. Over 92% of Flood Hazard Determination Reports ordered through ValueCheck are available instantaneously due to advanced geocoding. What's more, the remaining 8% are researched and provided to lenders within 6 hours if no additional information is required.

Property Condition Reports

With the passage of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Government now mandates stricter lending controls to ensure economic financial stability. As part of the new legislation, lending institutions are required to demonstrate they have evaluated a property's physical condition.

Title History

Any secured real estate loan is required to have title search done before closing to ensure the lien position. ValueCheck has partnered with many different title companies across the United States to automate and deliver title products and has helped set the standard of same-day service on most home equity and refinance title searches in many markets.

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